Product Review: Intex 8′ X 18″ Sun Fish Snapset Pool

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Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for a pool that is easily set up and very enjoyable by children or dogs.

An advantage of this kiddie pool is that it is easily set up. You just need to spread out the pool, hang a hose inside the pool and wait until it’s filled up. When you start filling up the pool, you might want to hold the sides up for a little while. As the pool is being filled the walls will automatically get straight. It will take approximately one hour to fill up the pool.

I could not believe just how big this pool is once it is put up! We went through the trouble of digging out the area, and clearing up any roots, etc, and even have a “deep end” where we dug down about 2 inches extra! Both our children, the 3.5 year old, and the 20 month old, have tons of fun, its easy to use, and we have not killed it yet! Click here to read more reviews.

This Intex kiddie pool is great for children. The summer fun they get out of this pool is exceptional. It’s one of the best summer toy a parent can buy for their children. It is large and durable enough to fit 4-5 children in it.

The disadvantage of this Intex kiddie pool is that it will only last for 2-3 years. However, for its price ($20-$25) this pool is a great choice.

Value for money?
This pool is a great investment if you want a cheap pool that your kids or dogs will enjoy.

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When one hears the word “summer,” the first thing that comes to their minds is swimming. As the weather gets warmer and warmer, everybody would like to go to a resort or visit the beach. However, many people would like to avoid the congested resorts where they cannot even enjoy their vacation as they are mixed with too many people. To avoid such headache, you may consider having a plastic made pool in your backyard where you can be private and just be with the people you are close to, such as your kids.

Hard kiddie pools can be set it up right in your own backyard. These hard kiddie pools are convenient, inexpensive, and they can provide the enjoyable experience in the sun that your kids are looking for. Imagine how much easier it is to play with your kids in your own backyard rather than going to the beach, resort, or a nearby swimming pool.

These backyard pools are made of hard plastic, usually vinyl or polyethylene, and are extremely sturdy and resistant to sharp objects. Hard kiddie pools are also safe for your children as they have smooth edges and ridged floors.

These hard plastic pools are truly effective in providing fun and enjoyment for the whole family during summer or any other time of the year. Fun could be right in your own backyard.

You may do a research on which hard plastic pool fits your criteria. When purchasing a hard kiddie pool, you should consider its size, depth (height), and its capacity.


Intex 8′ X 18″ Sun Fish Snapset Pool (Click here for more info)